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With the global spread of COVID-19 affecting our communities, colleagues, partners and customers, Aruba is focused on doing everything in our power to help those with the greatest needs. 

Given the influx of temporary COVID-related healthcare facilities, Aruba is responding by donating thousands of secure connectivity kits worth approximately $50M USD required for the immediate provisioning of pop-up clinics, testing sites and temporary hospital facilities available in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Germany, Denmark, France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Poland — all in compliance with local laws. There are two bundles being offered: one designed as a wireless LAN extension from the existing healthcare network and one designed for cellular backhaul where traditional broadband connectivity is limited.

To help healthcare organizations get set up quickly, Aruba has created the Airheads Volunteer Corps; an opt-in only registry of volunteer network engineers ready to assist in the build out of network infrastructures for medical facilities on the front lines of dealing with this pandemic. In creating this registry, Aruba aims to connect those in need of IT skills, with those who have the ability to help.

Joining the Airheads Volunteer Corps is simple and without obligation. To sign up, complete the registration form. 

Our hope is that by working together, Aruba and our Airheads community can help those on the front line meet the needs they have in dealing with the challenges of this global health crisis. 
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