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Adopt intelligent, modern wired and wireless networking infrastructure to support digitalization, leverage IoT, and enable rapid business growth while improving core business functions including administration, distribution, production, quality control, and customer service


  • Obtain reliable high-performance wired and wireless infrastructure
  • Secure user, device, and data traffic with policy driven enforcement
  • Simplify network administration with improved traffic management controls


Aruba Wi-Fi 6, access and CX Switching solutions for high-performance connectivity and automated network administration; ClearPass for wired and wireless authentication and granular policy enforcement to secure access for users and IoT


  • Empowers company leadership with real-time insights from data and analytics collected from connected IoT devices, enabling a deeper understanding of business operations such as team performance, operational flowcharts, branch office activities, and the health of Diamond Group’s equipment in customer locations
  • Speeds business decision making by supplying faster and more accurate information, which contributes to competitive success
  • Supports processing thousands of orders and invoices daily

“As the backbone for our IT infrastructure, Aruba’s networking technology is a proven contributor to Diamond Group’s revenue growth. This has a significant impact on our company’s performance and reputation.”


PT Diamond Food Indonesia

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