BLE Wi-Fi Asset Tracking

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Eliminate Loss of Valuable Assets and Automate Inventory Management

There’s tremendous opportunity to capitalize on the growing use of mobile apps and our love for smartphones. By leveraging Aruba Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology for more than connectivity, organizations can easily offer digital solutions that help customers and employees navigate within indoor locations, locate friends, and even find easily misplaced assets.

For instance, locating assets within a hospital is often a manual process. What if you could use a simple iOS or Android device to easily find what you’re looking for? Nurses become more efficient, patients have a better experience, and hospitals see a cost savings.

Aruba location services bridges the gap between that physical and digital divide, while delivering the following benefits:
  • Location specific operational efficiency
  • Cost control
  • New revenue streams
Read the IDG Report: “Location Services: Bridging the Physical and Digital Divide” to learn how you can increase efficiency, optimize resources, and deliver a better user experience.